Nine New Years Resolutions Every Couple Should Make

new years

You make them for yourself, why not make them as a couple?  Use these ideas to set some clear intentions for the year you want to share in 2014!

Relationship Resolutions

Start your day strong

  • Instead of getting caught up in the morning rush to get out the door take three extra minutes to start your day together with kindness. Share your dreams, your daily intention, or something you hope for in the coming day.

Kiss more

  • Many couples see a gradual decline in meaningful affection over the course of time. Make a resolution to kiss with intention every day- not just those quick hello/goodbye pecks, but a fully present kiss will go a long way.

Daily appreciations

  • It can be easy to forget to tell your partner how great they are. Unfortunately unless you say it right out loud they may not know. Think about all the ways they are special, you admire them, they inspire you, and take time to text, email, or just say out loud one of them each and every day to make sure they know how special they are.

Rejoin with intention

  • How many times do you greet each other at the end of the day with left over work or traffic stress? Before you reconnect at the end of the day take three to five minutes to take a deep breath, release tension from your day, and remind yourself who you want to be in your home. Getting in that mindset will not only improve your relationship with your sweetheart, or spouse or kids, but your overall happiness and satisfaction at home.

Share a life list

  • A life list is a long list of your life dreams – similar to a bucket list, but with one twist: when you write it down you commit to doing it. That way you know you are only writing down the dreams you really want to manifest. It’s great to have one on your own, but this year sit down with your sweetie and write out the dreams, adventures, and joys you hope to share.

Set up date nights

  • It gets pretty cozy to come home and sit in front of the tv or computer for the night staring at separate screens in your jammies. Set a resolution in 2014 to balance that comfy time with a weekly tech-free date night so you can really be present for one another.    Here are a few date night ideas.

Get in 30 minutes a day

  • For many busy couples it can be difficult to really see each other one on one on a regular basis. By the time kids are in bed you may have missed each other completely all day. Set time aside daily to check in one on one without distraction (a minimum of 30 minutes a day) to make sure you don’t get lost in the shuffle this year.


  • One of the simplest and most challenging ways to improve your relationship right away is to apologize and take responsibility for your actions. Set an intention in 2014 to acknowledge your honey’s feelings and genuinely apologize when you are in the wrong.

Share gratitude regularly

  • Of all of the resolutions this one will take you the littlest time and may take you furthest together. Each day take a moment to share gratitude with your partner. Ask each other: what is one thing about them, your relationship, your family, your shared life, that you feel grateful for? It is that simple.

Happy 2014 to all of you, I hope these resolutions help you be even stronger together all year!  You can also join me for a consultation to get the year started right!


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9 Responses to “Nine New Years Resolutions Every Couple Should Make”

  1. Love these suggestions! Each New Year, we write letters to the other with resolutions of things we plan on working on for the good of our relationship. We don’t read them until the following New Year’s Eve–these silent promises give us something to hold ourselves accountable for throughout the year.

  2. Michael C Craven

    Thank you for those wonderful new year resolutions. As a Chicago divorce lawyer, I’m sure if many of my couples did your suggestions their marriage would have been stronger. Happy New year!
    Michael C Craven Chicago divorce lawyer

  3. What a beautiful article! I’ve forwarded it to my husband already :)

    It’s true that we often set resolutions for ourselves without considering how important our partnerships can be to the success of those resolutions. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Love how simple and easy your tips are. It’s so important to stay connected. At the same time, it’s nice to know that the simple things in life can make a big difference.

  5. Beautiful post, Gina! It’s so important to connect in the smallest ways. Thanks for showing all the ways we can share moments of intimacy!

  6. Love these! I especially like that you did not make this complicated. These are realistic resolutions – simple & to the point.

  7. Love this Gina! Couples (including myself) have discussed goals together but never in terms of the relationship itself. What a great reminder. I have a few things to add to my list now…thank you!

  8. What great ideas! What I love most about your article is the reminder that important relationships require care and nurturing. Thank you for providing tips that we can use right away.