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Gina Senarighi, MFT, CPC, CDWF-C

is a relationship coach, couples counselor, blogger, and communication trainer in Portland, OR, who inspires couples to be even stronger together. She helps clients lead lives filled with bravery, passion, joy, and love. She holds master's degrees in both counseling and education and is completing her Daring Way™ certification and a PhD in positive psychology.

What I Do:

Strong Foundations for lifelong love

Building a solid foundation is essential to any long-term relationship’s success. I work with people considering all sorts of new beginnings, starting a family, beginning a business together, getting engaged, opening relationships, relocating, or writing vows with clarity and significance. Whether its for premarital counseling or later in your commitment, my skills as a Gottman-trained therapist can help you create a sustainable future and stay connected for the long haul.

Personal integrity

Personal integrity is essential to happiness and health. All travelers lose sight of the path from time to time. When we lose touch with our truth it is difficult to navigate. Like travelling without a compass, we get lost and can end up in trouble. As a certified Life Coach, therapist, and leadership development facilitator I’ve worked with diverse weary travelers to rediscover their purpose and move forward with clarity and integrity.

Cultivate authentic connections

Having authentic relationships based on honesty, accountability, compassion, is central to wholehearted living. But being real in relationships isn’t easy. Whether it’s saying what you want in bed, coming out to family, starting over after a divorce, or founding your dream business, showing up and being seen is a kind of vulnerability many of us would rather avoid. I use my Daring Way™ training to inspire clients to build compassionate, integrity-filled, trustworthy relationships with themselves and others.

Nuture self compassion

Cultivating a strong relationship with your self is essential to living a wholehearted life. All too often we are ones who block ourselves from achieving greatness. I have supported countless wonderfully compassionate clients over the years move through struggles to love themselves as well as they love others. Using my background in compassionate listening, Nonviolent Communication, meditation, and mindfulness, I help clients build life-changing practices of self-love.

What I Value:


Embracing a wholehearted life filled with authentic relationships takes a whole lot of daring. Through my work with the Daring Way curriculum and my Daring Greatly bookclub series I have created simple action steps and daily rituals for clients to dare greatly- and move past blocks with confidence and self-compassion.


Passion has been a key value of mine as long as I can remember. My strengths have always been in helping others discover their core purpose, reconnect with their desire, and find flow. Later in life this value has shown up helping couples as a sexuality educator exploring sensuality and sexuality and as a sex-positive, LGBTQ and kink-affirming couples therapist.


Joy can sometimes be one of the most difficult to embrace emotions. Too many of us are out of touch with the divine spark within us and those we love. Through my studies of Positive Psychology, happiness, spirituality, and meditation, I have learned transformative practices to help clients increase happiness, practice gratitude, and savor more joyful lives.


I love love in all its beautiful forms. I hold space for clients through heartache, break ups, divorce, and affairs. I support couples exploring nonmonogamy, open relationships, marriage, and family planning. My training at the Relationship Research Institute and graduate degree in marriage and family therapy support my work deepening the love between romantic partners every day.

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