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Books on Open Relationships

open relationship books

Lots of couples want to explore non-monogamy, but aren't sure where to start.  Either they don't have friends who are open about their non-traditional relationship status, or they don't know where to find community, or there aren't a lot of local resources to rely on.  

If you're deciding to try non-monogamy having a few great resources on hand can really help you stay connected and communicate effectively through the process.  Having a few books on the subject can really help both you and your partner establish a baseline of awareness, understand potential pitfalls, create expectations and boundaries, and navigate mistakes.  

Watch the video below to hear about a couple of my favorite books on open relationships to help you decide what will work for both of you.  I would love to hear your recommendations in the comment so I can add resources to the list!

Best Books on Open Relationships

For more great book recommendations on healthy relationships, use the link below.


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A Meditation to Quiet Your Inner Critic

Quiet Your Inner Critic


Most of us are living a really awesome life. We are doing fine- we have great friends, good kids, loving partners, we pay our bills, see shows, travel, exercise, learn... but very few of us know how great we and our lives are because in addition to our mostly strong lives we have a very strong inner critic.

When we experience the good in our life, this inner critic is quick to point out how it could be better.  This inner voice compares us to others, measures us against increible standards, and cuts us down when we are most vulnerable.

Sometimes we are able to connect with our inner critic to drive healthy motivation, but most of the time inner critics run wild, sucking the joy out of many of the most beautiful moments in life.

Be Happier in 2015
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